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Davide Sanna 'Beyond…'- Cano Music

Earlier this year I was privileged to have as a guest on my show, 'Folk On The Fringe', the London based, Sardinian singer/songwriter/guitarist Davide (Daviday) Sanna. In his wake he left his debut CD, 'Beyond…'.
Those who saw him on his low key tour of Australia and New Zealand were treated to a display of superb playing and emotive vocals coloured with his distinctive accent, and listeners to 'Beyond…' will be the recipients of an even more enjoyable experience.

While his stunning guitar work on tracks like 'Sortie 20' and 'Driving Home' impresses or even astonishes live, his recorded arrangements utilise restrained multi-track techniques to allow him a richness not available in concert, interwoven with an interesting array of instruments both real and imagined (The ‘Didge’ sound I'd swear I hear is really just a vocal effect, as with some of the percussion). Adding his ability to play a wide selection of instruments to those of a small group of friends, Davide has produced a smooth, professional album that draws you into a vaguely haunting world spiced with Spanish style guitar, melodica and much more.
This is an album that continues to grow on you the more you play it. To discover it for yourself, check out his web-site at http://www.davidesanna.com, (where you can play along with him by clicking the various menu options as he plays on an audio loop in the background).Keep an eye an ear out for him when he tours again in 2005, and of course, hear him regularly on 'Folk On The Fringe'.It's a gem of an album. The old favourites are there, with extra verses - and titles I'd never heard (go on, you sing the chorus of The Fireship…I bet you know it); there are songs about the pox, songs about boats as sentimental as a sailor's ever likely to get, proud songs of battle, resentful songs of maritime bondage and an unexpected poem of epic music hall proportions. A "must have" for the collection.

(Reviewed by Phil Young, 'Folk On The Fringe' - 7pm Wed, 3MDR, 971.fm, Victoria) http://www.folknow.com/faa/fa731415.htm



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