"His dexterity and imagination are only matched by his beautiful melodies and unique guitar style. All who hear him become new converts..."
(Tony Moore, BBC Radio London)

"Davide delivers a wonderful sound with his guitar. My ears opened up wider than usual when I first heard this album knowing I finally found something special."
(WDVR fm, New Jersey, USA)

"Even the few tracks that I have heard from Davide Sanna (on his promotional CD) have displayed an impressive variety in styles and approaches. 'Destroy The Temple' has a driving energy, but much of the rest of the CD has a liquid beauty in the guitar sounds, and the other vocal has a yearning quality that suits the material."
(Arthur Elliott - 'Sidestream' Radio 99.7FM Brisbane, Australia)

" Davide is not simply known for the quality of his song writing.  He is a virtuoso player, who accompanies his words with a musical authority born of brilliance, Davide Sanna is the complete artist!"
(The Psycho's Review of Contemporary Acoustic Music)

" Davide is an exemplary guitarist and performer.  He combines finger picking and rhythm styles that echo traditional folk roots mixed with Blues, Rock and Something special all of his own!"

"....he has a way of seeing that instructs the rest of us to see afresh, (...)his love songs are revelatory insights into universal events, so that your understanding of yourself is enhanced."
(South Wales Evening Post, Swansea)

"Davide's guitar work is powerful and original. His songs and performance are mesmerising."
(Chris Bullen - The High Barn - www.high-barn.com)



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