10th April 2003
It's been a while since our last update. Let me start with a thousand thank yous to all the people who came down to the Purcell Room! A special mention goes to the Kashmir crew for setting up such a terrific night. It was a great evening and the atmosphere both on stage and back stage was the best way to have a sort of a relief to whatever our TV screens were showing from Baghdad. 
At first it felt a bit weird being there, warming up in the dressing room, getting ready to celebrate life and art while so many human beings were dying in that crazy display called shock and awe. It's really hard to establish what a form of art could do in such a painful time, but I do believe that poetry and music are good vehicles to spread values such as humanity and compassion. I have to say, playing Destroy The Temple and The Post-War Father was quite an experience in such a difficult time. (D.S.)



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