19th May 2003
It had to happen, I suppose! We met Sunday morning, after an almost sleepless night, and we stripped down the room until  it became an empty basement in the heart  of London. The Kashmir Klub does no longer exist! Or maybe I should say the Kashmir Klub does not longer exist at number 6 Nottingham Place, but they promised it would return in a new and bigger venue! We're all waiting! We finally lifted the carpet and uncovered miles of cables and tons of dust and lost plectrums.  The night before some 60 artists (including Yours Truly) stood on that carpet for the last performance to say thanks to the Kashmir Krew for five years of total commitment and love for music!

In the meantime, as the strings of my guitar keep breaking due to one of the craziest open tuning I've ever invented (do you invent or discover new tunings?), new songs are being written and cry for a place in my discography! While we're at it: my first album is lying on my shelf waiting for us to sort out all the graphic and legal things.  Meanwhile other projects are rising on the horizon. These may include an instrumental album, a collection of songs dedicated to and inspired by my hometown, a new album of songs and at least, 2 more projects. In order to allow us to produce all this music, we're trying to create our own record label.  As far as gigs are concerned, we're trying to put together a promotional tour that should touch two or three continents! Not an easy task, as you can imagine, but step-by-step we're getting there! We'll keep you posted! (D.S.)



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