12th August 2004
'Beyond the Rock of Gibraltar' is one my tracks, so to visit Gibraltar and play the song was an amazing experience. The Rock has inspired far more important writers than me throughout the centuries. Homer, Dante and Bob Dylan to name but a few. Recently Nick Cave wrote a song about it.   On my song the Rock is taken as a metaphorical gate  between the known world (The Mediterranean) and the yet to be explored world (the Atlantic), a place where mystery and danger challenge whoever has the nerve to cross the gate. The big stage on Casemates square, right at the feet of the Rock, was my gig on August 12th!   I felt like the song had finally made it home safely after an adventurous long journey across continents. The town was all dressed up to celebrate the Tricentenary. In front of me was Spain, and on my left, at some 14 Km was, quite visible, the coast of Africa. When the wind was blowing the right direction (and I was strumming at full steam) I had the feeling that my songs could be heard on two continents and three countries. (D.S.)



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