23th July 2017

If you're in London this Friday, we're going to be here. Davide's set starts at 7.30 sharp. New songs and classics are on the menu.

13th July 2017

If you're in Switzerland in the next fer days you might want to make your way to Davos where I'll be doing seven shows in four days with Eric Ranzoni and George Hart. I arrived here yesterday. The place is stunning, the air is clean and the town is full of music lovers. It's going to be great!

16th November 2012

Check out the article published today on Sardinia Post

15th October 2012

To celebrate the release of the new album 'Crossing Borders' we've designed a brand new website. DavideSanna.com 4.0 has been sent to retirement after 7 glorious years. Hope you like the design and contents of DavideSanna.com 5.0. Amongst the many new features there a shop page that'll allow you to purchase the new album with just a couple of clicks. Send us your feedback at info@davideanna.com 

2nd October 2012

We're delighted to announce the release of Davide's new album. October 15th is THE date for your diary! Watch this space for instructions on how to order your copy. Crossing Borders contains 11 new tracks played with some of the best musicians in London and Sardinia. The album has already been praised by radio DJs and TV broadcasters all the way from Europe to Australia. Don't miss out!!

9th February 2012

Follow THIS LINK to watch the TV Special shown last month on Sardinian channel Sardegna1. Includes interview, live footage and extracts from the new album Crossing Borders.

29th December 2011

BREAKING NEWS: My new album 'Crossing Borders' was voted no. 2 album of 2011 on Folk On The fringe - 3MDR Radio, Melbourne, Australia

21st October 2011

The long wait is over. At last the new album is available for download. You can find Crossing Borders on all the big online stores including AmazonCD-Babyand I-Tunes.

08th May 2011

In a few days I'm off to Sardinia for a couple of shows. On Thursday 12th May I'm taking part to a concert called Sardinia Live Aid in support of the campaign to prevent the Italian government from building nuclear stations in Sardinia, an act that not only would ruin the landscape and put to risk the lives of the population, but would be anti-constitutional given the fact that a nationwide referendum in the late eighties ruled overwhelmingly against Italy going nuclear. On Friday 13th May I'm at the FBI-Club for a 2 hour set of originals and covers with the fabulous FBI-Club Band. After the big success in February we couldn't resist the temptation of doing it again before the summer break.

25th April 2011

The new album is now mastered. The title is Crossing Borders and features 11 songs, ten originals and one cover. There have been some hurdles on the way that caused an unexpected delay, but we're now trustful that it will hit the shelves during summer 2011. Songs from Crossing Borders were recently premiered on Australian radio 3MDR during the show Folk On The Fringe hosted by Phil Young. The five new songs played in the show were very well received by listeners in Australia and Europe.

28th February 2011

Many thanks to the band, the audience and the promoters for the wonderful night at the FBI-Club. The musos were absolutely fantastic and the Wembley Stadium roar at the end will forever be remembered.

11th February 2011

On Friday 25 February I'll be playing at the FBI-Club in Quartu S.E. (Sardinia). The formula of the show is to play a 90 minute set with the house band. Even if we won't have the chance to rehearse, we foolishly decided to play originals and some complex covers. I only know 2/5 of the band members, one being my brother Alessio on keyboards, but I've been told that they're all top class musicians that never fail to pull off a great show.

07th September 2010

Message to all my friends in New Zealand. My thoughts are with the people in Christchurch and the areas affected by the recent earthquake. I hope you guys are all well! We had a fab night at the Harbour Lights in Lyttelton a few years back. It's one of my fondest memories and I hope we'll do it again some time in the near future.

25th July 2010

The new album is now mixed and all is ready for the next stage. Follow this space for updates. It's been an intense couple of weeks. I think I've earned a good holiday! Bye for now, DS

21sth May 2010

Ever wondered what wine glasses, head torches and a sore throat have in common? The answer my friend ...is in your favourite blog

13th March 2010

Vintage Revisited. New blog entry about friendship, accordions, bass lines, vans and back-breaking gigs. Click me, honey!

24th February 2010

...and then there were drums! New blog entry: "The long anticipated session with drummer Andrea Marongiu finally took place last night..." Continues here!

19th February 2010

New blog entry The Return Of The Steel Guitar: "Lately we've been experimenting quite a lot in the studio. Sometimes technology has been used in order to 'get that sound'. Other times empirical solutions..." Click here to read more

11th February 2010

Click on the link to read about my recording session with double bass player Sebastiano Dessanay. http://davidesanna.blogspot.com/2010/02/had-great-session-with-sebastiano.html

03rd February 2010

I've just started a new Studio Diary on my brand new blog. Please follow thisLINK to see pictures and read about the making of my new album.

16th January 2010

On Sunday February the 14th I'll be taking part to this year's Party For Peace at the Bedford in Balham. Come along if you're in town!

03rd January 2010

Happy New Year to all of you lovely people! I wish the best for the new year, hoping we can meet somewhere! 2009 was a good year for me and the new year has in store some very exciting news indeed. I've spent the last few weeks working on a new album. So far it's been extremely good. Too good to want to stop now! I'm actually enjoying the process so much that I don't feel like setting a release date as yet. But for sure the long wait is almost over!

14th October 2009

Now you can follow me on Twitter and be my friend on Facebook and MySpace. Please check out the links above and ...keep in touch!

25th August2009

Listen to my special broadcast on Australian radio 3MDR tomorrow at 9am GMT. I will be on the phone from Sardinia, talking about my music and the music scene in my homeland.

06th July 2009

The first series of Music Room is now over. We'll be back, probably in the autumn. Now though, it's time to concentrate 100 percent on my music! Thanks to all the fans for their comments and wishes. I'm glad you've enjoyed the series!

2nd July 2009

Yesterday's gig at Hever Castle was awesome! The event was organised by Teenage Cancer Trust. Please check them out athttps://www.teenagecancertrust.org/. I did a 30mins set, followed by 30 mins of performance by Newton Faulkner. Great songs, top performer, and lovely chap too! It was great being part of the event.

19th April 2009

Okay, at long last the best kept secret in the world ...of DS can be revealed: my radio show is about to start! Thursday 23rd April at 7.10 British Time, the first episode of Music Room will be aired. MR is a 50 minute show recorded in my little studio set in a Victorian converted loft in the East End. I've always enjoyed my radio experiences as a guest, much more than the TV counterpart. This time, I thought, I'll give it a go and try to create the kind of show I would be thrilled to be invited to. The result is a program that includes songs from CDs and live performances and interviews from guest and myself. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I love doing it. So here the deal, every week you listen to the show on www.radiopress.it and, if you live in Sardinia on 93.5 FM. The same program is also aired Friday morning at 10.05 (BT) and Sunday at 6pm.

17th January 2009

Monday 19th January: log on Radio Press and listen to live podcast of Cassonetto Differenziato live from Cagliari. Davide is guest and will chat with host Paolo Putzu and perform live tracks. It's all live and improvised, so make you voice heard and email or call for questions, requests and comments. It all happens between 7pm and 8pm this coming Monday.

14th January 2009

Sardinian magazine 'Sonos E Contos' published a 2 page article about Cagliari-born London-based Davide Sanna.

09th January 2009

Davide appeared on Sonora on Sardinian TV network Videolina on Friday 2nd January. The program concentrates on Sardinian non-traditional music. Davide was shown on a solo live version of Destroy The Temple.

05th August 2008

Sunday 16th November I will take part to the PARTY4PEACE BENEFIT at THE BEDFORD for STOP THE WAR COALITION.

30th July 2008

Check our MEDIA PAGE to listen to the newly uploaded interview with Davide on Sardinian top radio station Radio Press, recorded in January 2007. (many thanks to Vito Biolchini and Alberto Urgu).

19th June 2008

The Bird's Nest Studio is up and running. It's nothing more (and nothing less) than a home studio, but it's intimate, inspiring ...and so quaint!

 22nd March 2007

Plans for a few solo dates in Norway are under way. The mini-tour should take place between June and July. Updates will follow.

23rd February 2007

More on the Harrods gig: James from Edinburgh emailed with questions on the Harrods show. Unfortunately I can't upload mp3s as at the last minute I realised my mini-disc was out of charge. As far as I know the video is the only recording existing. I can, however, provide the setlist: 1.Driving Back Home (Davide on acoustic, Gianluca on electric) 2.Destroy the Temple (full band) 3.Beyond the Rock Of Gibraltar 4.One More Cup Of Coffee 5.New In This World 6.Three Months Of Rain

- On display at Harrods was the famous guitar of Rory Gallagher. When I was 10 I borrowed his Irish Tour '74 double album from a friend. It was probably the first electric guitar I'd ever listen with attention. I fell in love with Rory's wild licks and voice! Million miles away and Too much alcohol are still in my mp3 playlist! Here I am, 25 years later, facing the source of such delightful sounds. Rest in peace, Rory!

19th February 2007

Here's a short clip from the Harrods gig with the all-Sardinian band. The line was only decided 3 days before the show. In such a short time we had to rearrange acoustic guitar ballads for an electric band. I had the easy bit, since I know those songs reasonably well (I should do, shouldn't I?). The boys had a much more difficult task, and they surely did an excellent job! Put your hands together for Gianluca Corona (drums and electric guitar), Claudio Corona (keyboards) and Gabriele Martini (bass).

30th January 2007

Davide plus band will do an electric set at the guitar exhibition at Harrods, London on 3rd February 2007. Hailed as the biggest guitar exhibition in Europe (featuring over 150 guitars), the vast collection will include "The Frying Pan" - the world's first electric guitar (circa 1931). On show will be many rare and extremely valuable guitars, both vintage and modern. "Born To Rock" gathers into one place priceless guitars played by the likes of Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Noel Gallagher, The Edge, The Velvet Underground, John Lee Hooker, Ted Nugent, Marc Bolan, Neil Young, Eddie Cochrane, and blues legend Rory Gallagher. "I'm so thrilled to be part of such an event. Me and the lads are working on new arrangements and songs. My electric guitars have begging for attention for quite some time. Here's their chance to show what they can do! The old acoustic will still be present though!". See the dates page for performance details. Here you can visit the exhibition's official website.

23th January 2007

A radio interview to Davide will be aired tomorrow at 6pm European time. Radio Press is one of Sardinia's foremost radio stations. Listen here to live broadcast.

6th October 2006

 Brinsley Sheridan's book of poetry "50-something" has finally been published. I took part to the official launch at Rada and performed his wonderful 'Dream Machine' as well as some of his favourite tunes, including 'Driving Back Home', 'Wish You Were Here' and 'Don't Think Twice, It's Alright'. In the back cover of the book there's a few quotes, including my personal praise of Brinsley's art and humanity. Here's where you can buy your copy of the book.

29th April 2006

Click here to see some recent pictures.

20th April 2006

On the 1st of May (Bank Holiday Monday) I'll take part to the International Guitar Festival in the South Bank in London. The show starts at 6pm on the Foyer stage at the Queen Elizabeth Hall/Purcell Room building. The set will last 45 minutes. For further details here's the festival's website.

6th April 2006

It took me some time, but in the end I decided to set up my page on myspace.com. The address is, predictably, I must admit,http://www.myspace.com/davidesanna. It's the chance to interact in a different way, with musicians, promoters, music fan. Please spread the word and keep in touch.

21st March 2006

Read review on Cambrian News, Wales: "The nearest phrase to describing his music is, perhaps, 'Acoustic Folk Roots', although his variety of styles drifts from Folk to Mediterranean to Jazzy flavours, across countries and genres."Read entire review here!

16th January 2006

Yesterday's concert at the ExCeL was partially filmed by a Norwegian TV Network. The track "Driving Back Home" will be broadcast later this year. Stay tuned for updates!

7th January 2006

The 13 minute TV special dedicated to Davide Sanna and Claudio Corona will be broadcast tomorrow night (Sunday 8th January) at 7.30pm European time on Sardinian TV network Videolina
. The program is called "Messaggero Sardo". It can also be watched on satellite at ...click here for details! The special was filmed in and around London last September by Italian journalist and musicologist Giacomo Serreli and features interviews and unseen live footage.

5th January 2006

Last night I took part to a special night at the Heathcote Blues Jam to remember our friend and fellow guitarist Craig Fougere, who passed away a week ago. Craig was a wonderful human being and an excellent guitarist. Even during his illness he always had a smile and kind words ready for you, and he always knew how to make you feel special. He will be greatly missed! On Wednesday 8th February t
here will be a Tribute Night for Craig at which we will endeavour to raise as much financial support as we possibly can for Craig's wife and their three sons aged 7, 5 and 3. For the occasion a guitar (Special Edition Signature Ace Frehley Custom, retailed at over 900.00 pounds) 

has kindly been donated by Alan Clemens, 

it is being raffled to raise money for Craig's family. For info email me or visitwww.heathcotebluesjam.co.uk.


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