Davide Sanna (pronounced: Dav-ee-day Sanna) is a guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer from Sardinia (Italy).



The cultural and geographical background in his native island exposed him to several music traditions. His earliest musical memories were deeply influenced by the old acoustic and electric blues (names such as B.B. King, Robert Johnson, Albert King) and music from the sixties and the seventies. Traditional Mediterranean music was always in the air though, whether it came from the North African AM radio stations, or the traditional Sardinian music on the popular summer night celebrations.


During his teens, Davide discovered the music of the American and British songwriters. That's when it all came together for him, when he realised he wanted to be a songwriter and not just an instrumentalist. He slowly became a major player in the thriving musical landscape in native land, having the opportunity to share the stage and ideas with musicians with different backgrounds and styles. That allowed him to further broaden his musical taste and to implement new sounds into his songs. Influences came from the likes of Bob Dylan, Ry Cooder, Richard Thompson, Django Reinhardt, Inti-Illimani, Mark Knopfler, BB King and Robert Johnson.


In 1998 Davide moved to London, where he soon hit the music scene performing in venues such as: Ronnie Scotts, 12-Bar Club, Jazz Cafè, The Marquee, Purcell Room, Kashmir Klub, The Bedford, The South Bank, National Theatre and many more.                                                                                                    

Davide's music has been described as one that "combines styles that echo traditional folk roots mixed with his innovative approach to playing the guitar and composing". Others have written that his songs are "far from conventional”.  His country's sea- faring history, its myths and its beauty often contend with affairs of the heart and a person's need to reach out beyond the limits of his environment and self as themes. Beautifully sung and vigorously performed, such songs are not quickly forgotten. However, Davide is not simply known for the quality of his song writing, but enjoys the respect and admiration of all those who have ever witnessed one of his performances.

Davide's musical and cultural journey lead to a music that cannot easily be labelled. Electro-Acoustic Folk Roots perhaps serves the purpose, although the variety of styles in his music drifts from Folk to Mediterranean to Swing, across countries and genres.


In 2004 Davide released his first album called 'Beyond...'. A successful world tour followed the release, with dates in England, Scotland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and the US. 

The long-awaited second album was released digitally in 2012. 'Crossing Borders' was received with great reviews and was voted no. 2 album of the year on Folk On The fringe - 3MDR Radio, Melbourne, Australia

His career so far has seen Davide play with, or open for the likes of Peter Green, B.B.King, Brendan Crocker, Roddie Frame, Steve Wynn, and perform at festival and prestigious venues around the world such as Ronnie Scott's, Purcell Room, The Kashmir Klub, Frankston Guitar Festival (Australia), The Lucky Dog (Boston, USA), Rocce Rosse & Blues (Sardinia), Glastonbury Festival, the Edinburgh Festival, Gibraltar, plus  TV and radio appearances along the way! 

“"A virtuoso player, who accompanies his words with a musical
authority born of brilliance, Davide Sanna is the complete artist."”
(Quote - 
The Psycho's Review of Contemporary Acoustic Music)

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